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Message From Swami Mohan Dass Ji
The main aim of the institute is to radiate quality education to the people of all the strata in the society. We strive tirelessly to empower youth by teaching them in very friendly
Message From Chairman
Our Guiding spirit Babaji is a person of great foresight and vision. Social causes are very close to his heart. Swami Mohan Dass Model School is a result of that thought.
Message From President
" To see and hear our students and their dream is inspiring. To live and journey with them is to see God's spirit is in their hearts."
From The Desk Of Principal
We aim at effective child - centric education that concentrates on an all-round development of the body, mind and spirit.
Swami Mohan Dass Model School, that is run under the Swami Mohan Dass trust is one of the leading co-educational institution of the area. The school got started on 7th April 2003. The Head of the trust, Swami Mohan Dass Ji, started this school to carry out his vision of serving the humanity with a secular and humanitarian outlook the aim is to provide quality education to the children hailing from all stratas of society irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. The main objective is to develop and refine the students as good human beings with a strong character and as asset to the society. The school strive hard to impart skills in language, science and technology. The grooming in humanitarian values, the knowledge of the latest trends in the field of education provide an excellent opportunity to the students studying here to grow physically, develop intellectually, be refined emotionally and be awakned in spiritual and ethical terms. Only such a student can be person of character and conversion and can be sincere and faithful to his/her motherland. This is the need of the hour and shall remain relevant for decades to come. The modern infrastructure, smart class room situation, excellent laboratories, beautiful playgrounds are a real treat to the students of this school. The temple of humanity is built on the foundation of character. The school provides value based education which includes aesthetic, ethical, spiritual and moral education under the tutelage of expert and experienced teachers. The school is dedicated to the culmination of happiness in life within the precints of life.